Helping the next generation of designers

Working Knowledge contacted Oscar Creative Digital to share my career-journey and the experiences I have gained with small groups of students

This was a wonderful opportunity to help students in Design and Media courses to gain insight into the industry and what to expect after they graduate. This is a personal passion of mine as I also had the chance to meet similar professionals whilst going through my own creative career progression.

Working Knowledge exists to bridge the gap between education and the workplace. They connect ambitious businesses with young talent locally and teach colleges to do the same.

Everything they do is designed to help the right young talent connect with the right business opportunity to successfully launch their careers.  Business productivity goes up and young people go on to shine. To young people they are a guide as they kick start, or re-start, their careers.

Oscar Creative Digital has had many students come back and ask for a live brief as part of their final year exam. As an extra incentive, the students have an extra resource to ask for advice and to gain vital industry experience to further their own career paths.

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